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This comprehensive directory of over 500 pest management professionals is intended to help the North Carolina public locate a professional service that provides pest control, termite extermination, and/or structural fumigation services in their county for the purposes of:

  • Helping to protect your health, quality of life, and what's most people's greatest investment - their home - by providing a resource to have your home professionally inspected for termites and moisture problems.

  • Keeping your environment pest-free - safely.

"With termites causing more than $2 billion a year in damage and scientific studies suggesting a link between cockroach allergens and childhood asthma, homeowners need the help and expertise of a professional more than ever", says Robert Lederer, executive vice president of the National Pest Management Association.

Our state also has now seen a dramatic rise in the number of bed bug infestations and also seen infestations of the formosan termite which is a significantly more damaging species of introduced termite.  To find out more about the formosan termite, go to the Pest Problems page.  Don't get complacent with your property's protection from this underground menace. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home when they go undetected.

Have Your Home Inspected Annually For Termites!
(Termites that go undetected can cause tremendous damage)

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